Monday, April 25, 2011

George Remember's The Jack Staulcup Orchestra

Here is a little band bio George jotted down on October 22, 2005.
Jack Staulcup 1980
"The Jack Staulcup Orchestra was a Midwestern territory band that operated out of Paducah, KY. Staulcup was a resident of Metropolis, IL. In 1950, the band members, traveling in a school bus, with seats that didn't recline, played many one-nighters, with the musicians sleeping overnight on the bus. At one point, the band played thirty one-nighters in a row. In Summer 1950, the band recorded for Oriole Records in Chicago. The session took place at a radio station in a skyscraper in the Loop."

Some of the tunes that were recorded during this session were, Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away, The Wooden Soldier and the China Doll, Here Comes My Ball and Chain and Baby Won’t You Please Come Home. George was one of the saxophonists during these sessions.
Here is an earlier version of the tune Red Lips played by The Kit Cat Band
 recorded in London on  June 3, 1927.