Sunday, December 22, 2013

Memories of a Jazz Journalist - Part Four - Cellist Bob Ripley

Here George A. Borgman briefly remembers his 1996 interview with cellist Bob Ripley, who incidentally, lived only a few streets over from him in Massachusetts.


I interviewed Bob Ripley at my house. Ripley spent nine years with the Cleveland Symphony in addition to 40 years with the Boston Symphony. He played cello. During World War II he was in Glenn Miller's Army Air Corps Band, both in the United States and England. He provided me with priceless information concerning the Miller band and Miller's disappearance.

I have a two-CD set of some of the lost Glenn Miller Army Air Corps Orchestra recordings which Bob Ripley played cello on, when the band recorded in England. It was a great interview. I used bits of it for my column in The Mississippi Rag and for a longer story in Joslin's Jazz Journal.

Bob Ripley plays on this recording of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 
recorded in England in November 1944.


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