Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Jazz Performance - The Jim Cullum Jazz Band - "Swing That Music"

Today's highlighted jazz performance is a recording from the 1990 Monsalvat Jazz Festival in Melbourne, Australia. It is the Jim Cullum Jazz Band playing Louis Armstrong's tune Swing That Music!

Jim at age 18 with horn.
Jim Cullum's band was formed in 1962 with the intent to play the traditional jazz of the greats such as  King Oliver and Jellyroll Morton. The next year, 1963 they began playing on the San Antonio Riverwalk at The Landing. They played there until 2011.

Beginning in 1987 the Jim Cullum Jazz Band has been featured on The Riverwalk radio broadcasts. While performing at all these venues the Jim Cullum and the band has traveled the world playing at festivals in Australia, Europe and Russia.

Swing That Music was composed by Louis Armstrong and Horace Gerlach. It is said that the tune was named that name in order to tie in with his 1936 autobiography of the same name.

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