Saturday, January 3, 2015

Memories of a Jazz Journalist - Part Eight - Moshe Feldman by George A. Borgman

Here is a continuation of a series of entries that come from an article that George wrote in 2004 entitled Memories of A Jazz Journalist.
Pianist Moshe Feldman (Boston, MA), an immigrant from the Soviet Union, gave me the lowdown on the KGB's displeasure with Russian jazz musicians performing at the American Embassy in Moscow. Also, the players wanted to be paid in American beer instead of the worthless rubles.

Moshe Feldman known also by the moniker "Moishe from Russia" is a concert pianist and educator specializing in traditional jazz and Klezmer music. He often lectures and gives demonstrations on the early roots of jazz piano, and varying styles of piano playing techniques from the ragtime of  Scott Joplin, to Harlem Stride.

He continues to play with various jazz musicians including clarinetist Billy Novick. Watch him play Midnight in Moscow with The Last Minutemen in 2012!

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