Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Jazz Performance - "Birmingham Breakdown" - The Wolverine Jazz Band

George A. Borgman had a penchant for jazz musicians who played instruments that he played such as piano, saxophone and clarinet. One musician he had a special affinity for was Dr. John Clark the leader of the Wolverine Jazz Band.
George always wanted to write a story on Clark and his band, but because the Wolverines were always playing either on tour or in the studio, he never got a chance to interview Clark.
The Wolverines have recorded thirteen CDS their latest will be released in a shortly. In this performance of Birmingham Breakdown from the 2013 Hot Steamed Jazz Festival in Essex, Connecticut (which has sadly closed down), the band is comprised of John Clark clarinet and saxophone; Jeff Hughes is playing cornet; Tom Boates is on trombone; with Ross Petot tickling the ivories; Rick McWilliams is on tuba and Dave Didrickson is playing the drums.
Birmingham Breakdown is a Duke Ellington composition from1926.

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