Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Jazz Performance - "When You're Smiling" - Neo-Passé Swing Quintet

This week we jump back to what appears to be the 80s and a performance by the Neo-Passé Swing Quintet, a group which was comprised of Kim Cusack on clarinet; Hank Tausand on drums; Jeff Czech on bass; Jerry Mulvihill on piano and Ted Butterman on guitar. The group played in clubs around Chicago about 25 years ago and presumably the musicians played with other groups as well.

The words and music for When You're Smiling (The Whole Word Smiles With You) were written by Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin and Larry Shay. This tune seems to be th biggest hit that these composers had. Fisher started out as a bandleader who played at hotels and dance halls. He often composed with Joe Burke.  Goodwin was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1889 and began his career in Vaudeville as a monologist he composed many tunes in colaboration with others. Shay's first published song was Do You, Don't You, Will You, Won't You which was  published in 1923.

The tune was a favorite of Louis Armstrong who first recorded it in 1929.

 Here now is the Neo-Passé Swing Quintet's version of When You're Smiling
When You're Smiling recorded in the Chicago area.

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