Thursday, April 7, 2016

"Great Musician Says Jazz Is Bound To Fail" by Carter Latimer 1922

Here is a small article on jazz from The Musical Leader, Vol. 43 from 1922.

"Jazz is a great dance for the man or woman who doesn't know how to dance."

"It doesn't require dancing to dance jazz."

"Take the dance away from the floor and jazz music wouldn't last a week."

"The flat-footed, knock-kneed, pigeon-toed man, or the man or woman who hasn't any rhythm or music in his soul is what keeps jazz music and jazz dancing before the public."

"Jass is a dance made by and for the flat-footed man."

"When jazz is buried, and the funeral is not far distant, it will be buried so deep that God himself  can't find it then-and flat-footed man and the unmusical woulds will be the mourners at the grave."

These were some of the original flashes from the tongue of John Philip Sousa.

John Philip Sousa the famous conductor and composer, who was born in 1854, had ten more years to put up with jazz music. As a composer of Marches, he was a power house, but as a predictor of the demise of jazz he was less than useless.

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