Saturday, June 18, 2016

Jazz Performance Saturday! "Sunday" - Des Moines Metro Concert Band

The Des Moines Metro Concert Band has been in existence for 70 years this year 2016! It is currently under the direction of Clarence Padilla. However, Dan Stevenson the group's clarinetist was musical director when this performance was recorded on July 13, 2014 on the West Terrace of the Iowa State House in Des Moines. So, let's get a little Sunday on Saturday as the group plays Sunday.

Sunday was first recorded by Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra on October 15, 1926 the same year it was written and composed by Ned Miller, Chester Conn, Jules Stein, and Bennie Krueger. 

The performers in this video are Dan Stevenson on clarinet; Bruce Martin on keyboard; Steve Charlson on bass; Scott Davis on cornet; John Benoit on trombone; Wayne Page on saxophone; and Kurt Bowermaster on drums.

Here is Jean Goldkette's version of Sunday recorded in October of 1926.

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