Thursday, November 15, 2012

"The Bench" - Lost Film

Here is a "lost" silent film segment from the feature comedy film The Man in the Movie in which George actually played two roles. That of a silent comedy "heavy" and/or "drunk" and a cranky movie theater patron.

In this segment I call The Bench George appears as the silent comedian who's had one too many. He basically made up his actions on the spot.

This film was shot on the corner of the Boston Public Garden. At one point a bus load of Japanese tourists stopped at the light at the corner. The tourists saw George playing his part and what seemed like a hundred cameras began clicking away! He used to proudly say that pictures of him were all over Japan.

Also featured in this film are George's son Eric Peter McClymer who plays the man who finds the money and Gregory DiGregorio the one who sits of Eric's coat tail.

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