Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Boston Jazz Chronicles

George's article, "Boston's Grand Old Man of Jazz," about Sabby Lewis, which was printed in The Mississippi Rag in 1994 was cited in the bibliography of the 2012 book; The Boston Jazz Chronicles.

The author of the book, Richard Vacca, spent seven years researching the Boston jazz scene for the period between 1937 to 1962. For more information on the book check out Troy Street Publishing.

When George A. Borgman relocated to the Boston area after retiring from the military he started hearing about the jazz pianist Sabby Lewis. Firstly, from his wife Janet who grew up in Dorchester and would hear his band on the radio and secondly from New England area musicians.
George enventually caught up with Sabby; went to his performances; interviewed him; talked with him on the phone, and would end up absolutely adoring him. He commented that he, "cried when he died." Sabby Lewis passed away in July of 1994 shortly before the story about him was published in The Mississippi Rag.

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