Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Jazz Performance - The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Traditional Jass Band - "Bourbon Street Parade"

This Saturday lets take a look and a listen to The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Traditional Jass Band playing Bourbon Street Parade!

Bourbon Street Parade was written by the New Orleans drummer Paul Barbarin (1899-1969) in 1952 and was popularized by The Dukes of Dixieland.

This performance of the tune took place at the 40th Anniversary of the Sacramento Music Festival on May 24, 2013.

The band in this video consists of five members: The leader and trumpet player is James Williams, Sam Friend is on banjo, Jon "ToeJam" Ramm is on the trombone, the Sousaphone is played by Wes Anderson and lastly Josh "Jams" Marotta is on drums. Although not seen in this video their clarinet player is Joe Goldberg.

They describe what they play as being, "traditional jazz, blues, jass originals, vaudeville, modern jazz adaptations, and many other jazz and New Orleans-derived styles."

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