Saturday, May 17, 2014

Traditional Jazz Around the World - Vol. 1 [Australia/Scotland/Sweden] - Review by George A. Borgman

Traditional Jazz Around the World - Vol. 1: Australia/Scotland/Sweden - At least one American jazz critic did not like this compact disc because, it seems, three foreign bands performed traditional jazz, an American idiom.
No wonder we are sometimes called "Ugly Americans!" Each of these bands performs quite well in the traditional jazz styles, displaying some authentic New Orleans elements that many American bands have long neglected.
There are splendid solos in each band and each band performs particularly well in New Orleans style ensemble with superb counterpoint from the front line and piano.
The musicians in each of the foreign bands do a very fine job with interesting seldom heard tunes, and we in the United States should be proud of the fact that jazz, an uniquely American musical art form, is appreciated by musicians and listeners throughout the world.
Traditional jazz belongs to the world. George Borgman IAJRC Journal

Here is an example of some Traditional Jazz from Scandinavia. Joe Muranyi guests with the Scandinavian Rhtyhm Boys, Oct. 19, 2008

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