Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jazz Performance Saturday - Ross Petot on Piano - "Night and Day"

As a new feature of the Saturday Jazz Performance, Yankee Jazz Beat will highlight piano players on the first Saturday of every month.

Pianist and composer Ross Petot will be the first shown in this new feature playing Night and Day with Swing Times Five at the 2012 Hot Steamed Jazz Festival in Essex, Connecticut.
Swing Times Five consists of leader Jeff Hughes, on cornet; Ross Petot,  piano; Lou Bocciarelli, bass; Dan Weiner on guitar, and Dave Didriksen - drums.
Petot is an exceptional pianist playing any style with ease. He made a name for himself as a Ragtime and Stride piano player early on. He recorded an album of his ragtime compositions called New Ragtime and Other Stuff. His compositions are popular with others, being played at festivals and recitals across the United States.
Here Ross plays Cole Porter's well loved 1932 Night and Day. Porter wrote the song for the Fred Astaire stage musical The Gay Divorce. Astaire's recording of Night and Day was a hit. He would sing it again on film in 1934 for the Astaire-Roger's vehicle The Gay Divorcee.


Ross Petot's CD "New Ragtime" is still for sale contact Petot at to order a copy. 

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