Monday, August 31, 2015

A Must See Drum Battle Between Steve Taddeo and Paul Midiri!

Musical battles between bands and drummers and other musicians go back to the earliest days of jazz music and continued into the Big Band era and can still be seen and heard today. Band battles between Chick Webb's orchestra against some bands have become the stuff of legend.

Gene Krupa versus Buddy Rich was always a thrill to watch or listen to. And like I said even today these musical battles between instruments are still occurring.

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich Drum Battle from
the Sammy Davis, Jr. Show, 1966.

Here is a another fantastic drum off! This time between Steve Taddeo and Paul Midiri which was captured by Marce Enright on August 12, 2015 during a performance of the Swing Senders with the Midiri Brothers at CJAL. She writes all about the performance... HERE!

Marce posted this great excerpt on her YouTube Channel, please subscribe to it in order to see more great video content.

I've mentioned it before, and will mention it again Marce has a terrific website focusing on New England jazz called New England Traditional Jazz Plus. Make sure you check it out.

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